I find no pleasure in them, they all been zombified
I see'em walkin' The should be dead men.
Theres nothing in their eyes
I hear em stompn' , up the pavement
They come to taste my life.

**They' re trying to get inside
To help me change my mind
They think there right
Why don' t they die.**

Their brains are still and dead, so they' re picking at mine
Kick the habit, a greater magic
You left far behind
You think you have it, you really haven' t
You lack spark of divine.

* * x2 They think they' re alive

Well I hope you' ve come to grips, with the fact your not alive
Your just a zombie, a talking dead head
A former liver of life
The mindless body, of a human
Who keeps refusing to die

* * x2 They're eating me alive