Heres a little tale of me and the blind three
And the wife of a farmer and her acts of cruelty
She scared us all for life, made it so they can’t see
But try as she might, she only half blinded me
I said
I’ve got a plan to make her pay
Let’s get more mice, let’s not delay
We’ll stand and fight, we’ll fight and win
We injured mice, will seek revenge

The farmers comin' x2

We’re building up an army with my good eye in the lead
I’ve got some crazy varmints, we've seen where she sleeps

We’ll pounce tonight, while the farmers away
Before daylight, that wretch will pay
If we show might, our hearts will mend
These three blind mice, will be avenged

The farmers comin' x2


Its time to go, we'll creep right in
Let’s face our foe, let’s get the bitch
We’ll let her know, make her think twice
A debt is owed, to these three blind

The farmers comin' x2...x7