Rape Me With A Kiss

Hello my sweet darling, and how are you today
I hope your feeling lovely, I hope its you, you praise
' Cause your just so pure of heart, your just so passionate
I can see it in your eyes, and taste it on your lips
Your cup it runneth over, I got to get a sip

*Oh I......Live*

Everyone I see here, I swear I've seen before
Through every open doorway, on every golden shore
Maybe Louisiana, will take away my grin
They'll say Hello, how are you? And just where have you been?
I said I've been to heaven, where the hell have you been?

*Oh I.....Live*


You put me in a hole, I kick away the stone
Breaking all my chains now, I'm finally going home
Absent of desire, I'm finally free of skin
Oh yes I'm at the threshold, the threshold of the end
You think that it's all over, but I am born again

*Oh I......Live*