When mortal world has turned to sin
And darkness fuels the hearts of men
Unchain the beast that lies within.
Summon the demon, Extrigan!

Arise my pet, take shape and form
Into mortal world be born.
Be whole again, break from your tomb!
Daddys got a job for you.

Sniff out the devorers of souls my pet
Lay them at our feet Extrigan!
So that we may weigh their deeds
All those who stand accused of crimes
Aainst our almighty God
Today your case is on the log
We'll hear the acts you thought or did.
From every love, to every sin
Bring in the jury of the dead!

Call for the prosecuting attorney
And as for the defense
We release it from the pit
The Great Judgement is here
Bring in, The Advocate
So that it may plead the case of it's clients
Before the judge of all judges
The honorable LORD THY GOD

All rise!
Court is now in session
Counselor, your opening statement, Please...