As I was walking in the world,
I spied the most lovely girl through the thickest haze.
I strolled up to say hello, and I would just like to know
If you would tell me your name.
She touched my hand and for a span I felt so glad that
my soul put on a parade.
She took a scan and said I can, how ya doin
man it's nice to meet you today

*I'm May
Hey, Hey, Hey

We'd take long walks in the park, be it sunshine or dark we
were seen every place.
And in our solitudes we'd sit, just a guy and
a chic forever face to face.
We'd pass the time just her and I
signing pretty lullabies on through the dimming day.
And in the morning when we'd rise, we'd
stare into each others eyes and I
was happy to stay with May


Although much much older
now, we still share the same house
and she still looks lovely.
And though we stoop and barely move,
and we eat only soft foods we still find the time to play.
And as my brain begins to rot, there
is a lasting thought as all others decay.

We spent a life in a flash, and I don't care if I pass
just as long as I'll be with May